Stolway offers custom-engineered explosion proof air-cooled Mobile HVAC for a variety of applications.

  • Analyzer Shelter standby duty. 
  • Alternative to HVAC unit in-built redundancy.
  • Onshore / offshore emergency breakdown or maintenance duty for critical  infrastructure such as control rooms and electrical rooms
  • Ventilation and spot cooling for personnel in confined working spaces such as tanks, vessels, portable habitats and workshops
  • Environmental control for temperature sensitive processes such as curing storage tank linings
  • De-humidification functionality available 


Typical Design Features

  • IECEx or ATEX Zone 1 Group IIB+H2 T3 single overall certificate of conformity
  • Nominal capacities from 5 kW to 80 kW
  • Larger capacities available in sled equipment
  • Designed for tough environments – up to 50°C ambient temperatures as standard
  • Environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant with zero ozone depletion potential
  • Integrated control enclosure
  • Available configured for return air with fresh air make-up or 100% fresh air single pass 


Typical Construction Features

  • Mobile options include trailer-mounted, castor mounted or sled-mounted equipment
  • Heavy duty construction as standard
  • Fully hermetic Ex d certified compressors
  • Non-sparking copper-guarded ventilation fan assemblies
  • Non-sparking direct drive condenser fans
  • Air cooled condenser coil 
  • Refrigeration coils with Copper tubes, aluminium fins and epoxy corrosion protection treatment delivering long service life

Stolway ATEX & IECEx certified custom-engineered Mobile HVAC for Zone 1  hazardous areas


  • SS304 or SS316 HVAC casing material
  • Project compliant paint systems & colours
  • Increased IP ratings
  • Sand filters, bag filters and chemical filters
  • Power supply leads fitted with nominated plug style 
  • Alternate certification and ambient temperature  compliance
  • Dual refrigeration circuits with staged compressor operation for capacity control